Saturday, September 17, 2011

True North Makes Capital Expenditure Without Government Aid

Naysayers alert.

This time, you’re going to have to admit you were wrong.

Winnipeg’s True North Sports and Entertainment today unveiled a significant capital expenditure without asking for a single dime from the public.

“We put up a tool shed behind our new practice facility. Someone was clearing out a rusty old shed on Craigslist, so we pounced on it. After some hard bargaining, we managed to knock down the shipping charge and today, it arrived,” said a spokesman for True North.

“I’m not at liberty to disclose the financial terms of the deal, but the total cost might run into two figures. I know everyone here connected with True North feels a strong sense of community and this is something that we felt we needed to do to give back to our city and province.”

Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger was unavailable for comment since he was in the middle of feverish campaigning in a desperate attempt to stave off certain defeat in the upcoming provincial election, but a spokesman for his office issued the following statement on his behalf:

“This large private-sector investment made by True North and the Chipman family is what makes me proud to be a Manitoban. This shows the entrepreneurial spirit so common throughout our province that our government has been so honored to assist and help grow. The benefits of the public-private partnership we have nurtured with True North are again coming together to benefit all Manitobans. We congratulate the Chipman family on their acquisition and we look forward to further initiatives where public participation can again play a role.”

“Here I thought that Mark Chipman didn’t go to the bathroom without calling the Premier for a handout. Boy, was I wrong. I guess I owe him an apology,” said one observer at today’s press conference.

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