Friday, May 6, 2011

Ode to an Election

The Three Musketeers forced an election
In Parliament they wanted a coalition

Ignatieff, Layton, and Duceppe all joined hands
And sent the politicians canvassing across the lands

While Manitobans battle flood waters rising high
'Up yours' each of them said while putting on their tie

Ignatieff expected control of the nation
While Layton dreamed of increased taxation

It all blew up in their faces
The people spoke loudly in each of the races

Ignatieff and Duceppe are each out of a job
Layton has more seats but no power, leaving him to sob

The Conservative majority government the leftists feared
Was something that they ultimately engineered

In the end, it proved worthwhile and calmed our fears
The socialist nuisance has been thrown out of power for at least four years

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