Saturday, April 23, 2011

Contempt of Manitoba

Like many Manitobans, I’ve been keeping an eye on the news, not to see if Mark Chipman has managed to temporarily grab control of an NHL franchise and move it to Winnipeg, but to see how badly the province is being hit by the flood waters that have affected so many people.

We knew that there were going to be problems with flooding this year and though there has been a lot of preparation done, there’s still a battle raging across the province.

Armed with the knowledge that a natural disaster was going to be hitting the province, the CCCP decided that forcing another federal election was more important.

In case you forgot, the CCCP isn’t Russian for USSR, but it’s close. It stands for Central Canadian Coalition Party, comprised of the Fiberal Party of Toronto, led by Michael Ignatieff, the Non Democratic Party, led by Jack Layton, along with the Bloc Quebecois, whose sole purpose is to extort money from Canada and keep Canada under Quebec colonial rule.

Putting their own aspirations first, as always, this eclectic collection of socialists, determined to seize power with or without the consent of the Canadian people, are forcing us to open up our wallets once again and have us running around for another election that we need like another overflowing waterway.

The Fiberals, who feel a divine right to rule Canada, seemingly just can’t accept the fact that Canadians didn’t vote them into power and are determined to keep forcing as many elections as they can until they resume what they feel to be their rightful place. Seeing his only path to power, Layton is naturally on board with the Fiberals so he can grab some headlines and a piece of the pie for his otherwise irrelevant Marxist party.

The motion that passed the House of Commons that brought us this unnecessary election was called Contempt of Parliament. The CCCP has shown a strong contempt of Manitoba. Anyone living in flood-ravaged areas of the province who votes for the Fiberals or for the Non Democratic Party shows contempt for themselves, their neighbors, and their community.

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