Sunday, September 1, 2013

Selinger’s Soliloquy

I’m Greg Selinger, leader of Today’s NDP
Seems like some people aren’t too happy with me

Like a drunken sailor, I’m recklessly spending their cash
Emptying every bit of their private stash

What’s money, old chum
There’s plenty more where that came from

Eventually the public treasury won’t have even a dime
It will be someone else’s problem by that time

They tell me that absolute power corrupts more and more
Absolute nonsense, oh yeah, I’ve said that before

Against their will, I can raise the PST
What do they think this is, a democracy?

You’ll still be gullible folk if history is any sign
At election time, I’ll promise the moon and you’ll buy every line

Manitobans are terrible at math, you see
They don’t understand that for every dollar I give them, it costs them three

I’ll kiss a donkey or a goat
If it meant getting another vote

In the meantime, you can picket or protest, whatever the case may be
It doesn’t mean a thing to me

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