Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weird Winnipeg

Winnipeg is full of weird characters. Most inhabit the core area, but one can find them all over the city.

Take, for example, one such character that I passed by this morning. Pedalling north on McPhillips past Murray Avenue, I spotted someone walking south along the shoulder.

I was immediately on guard. There are very few homes in this area and though being out there on foot does not in itself qualify as weird, it is most unusual.

As I got closer, I noticed the individual crossing the two northbound lanes to the median. After a few steps along the median, he crossed back to the shoulder.

Back and forth he went like clockwork.

I slowed down and waited until he had crossed to the median before passing him. As I sped by, I noticed that he was bundled up like it was the second of January instead of the second of June. Carrying a beach ball, he turned and flashed an artificially cheery grin at me and said, “Hi.”

I didn't stop to exchange social pleasantries. I put my bike in high gear and kept going.

I can only guess what he was doing there and what his intoxicant of choice was.

Welcome to Winnipeg!

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