Friday, January 25, 2013

A Poetic Voyage to the Core

Another voyage to the center of this crime-ridden city
Stabbings and shootings on a daily basis, what a pity

The closer I get to the downtown beat
The seedier the people I pass on the street

Take, for example, one scruffy-looking dude
I didn’t check to see if he was friendly or rude

I wanted to duck behind a bench
When I saw him dangling a large crescent wrench

Backing away, I passed him by
Watch your back if you see this guy

Approaching me were some leftovers from Idle No More
Who had gone back to being idle in the core

Youngsters, hanging out in a group of ten or more
Puffing on smokes that I probably paid for

Unkempt and not looking cool
Pray tell, why were they not in school?

After passing by these clowns
I entered the biggest haven of street urchins in town

Weirdos abound at the downtown library
Sometimes things can get hairy

One soul was lost in an aimless gaze
Par for the course, I failed to be amazed

Someone asked him if they could help, I mused
He said that he was confused

No one could help him it seems
Presumably until a signal from outer space an alien beams

I returned home after hearing a few dog barks
Promptly checked my back for stab marks

All clear for now, a sigh of relief
Reflecting on scenes beyond belief

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  1. Downtown is getting better, slowly but surely. Besides, the Jets beat the mighty Penguins 4-2.