Saturday, August 4, 2012

Big Fat Guy

Dripping wet, I sat down at the downtown library on my way home today and powered on my tablet to check my e-mail.

Seconds later, a big fat guy comes behind me and starts squeezing his oversize frame between the wall and the back of my chair.

He has the entire library to himself, but the call of the chair two seats away from me is too powerful for him to resist.

Somehow, he manages to rearrange his expanded girth through that narrow passageway. I make no effort to make it easier for him.

While my tablet is powering up, he takes the seat he worked so hard to reach. Finally settled, he begins loudly jabbering to no one in particular. Nothing is too trivial for Big Fat Guy to make a comment on.

Apparently, Big Fat Guy missed the sign outside that reads “library.”

I finish my business and get up to leave.

When I am two steps away, Big Fat Guy asks, “Something I said?”

Welcome to Winnipeg.

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