Sunday, April 8, 2012

Open for Business on Easter

This morning, I was out near Brookside Cemetery. Perhaps because of the Easter holiday, there was significantly less traffic than even a normal sleepy Sunday morning.

There was, however, one exception.

As I proceeded west along Notre Dame Avenue past Red River College, I noticed a red car parked along Brookside Boulevard farther north. On one side are the airport grounds, protected by a chain-link fence and on the other side is an empty grass field.

Besides me, there was not a soul around for a country mile.

My first instinct was to look for a dog. Though many irresponsible dog owners treat the entire city like an off-leash dog park, someone might have made the effort to go out there to let their dog(s) run loose instead.

As I got closer, I didn’t see a dog.

Perhaps someone ran into car trouble and went off looking for help?

I turned the corner at Brookside and proceeded north.

Seconds later, the driver of the car nearly jumped out of his seat and sprang to attention. He put on his flashers and didn’t move a muscle as I passed by.

Seated next to the older gentleman behind the wheel was a young woman.


The only logical explanation I can see is that the two of them were heavily involved in a deep discussion on the true meaning of the Easter holiday.

Then again, you don’t suppose that I interrupted the delivery of some, ahem, personal services, do you?


Couldn’t be.

We all know what respectful, law-abiding citizens Winnipeggers are.

Such things would never happen in our city.

Or would they?

You be the judge.

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