Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fermor Sign-Gate, Part Two

For the benefit of those did not read about the dislodged “Welcome to Winnipeg” sign on westbound Fermor, click here for the link to my first posting on this topic.

Naturally, I was curious to see what happened with this sign. Did they fix it? Or were they too encumbered by not having my telephone number to do anything with it?

This morning, I went back out there to find out for myself.

To my amazement, this is all that is left of the sign:

Only the pole that had been dislodged remains as a monument to the removed sign. Though I presume it will reappear in some form at some later date, all that was required was to reset the two halves of the metal pole and secure the bracket.

Which is exactly what they did. Along with much more.

I can only guess what they would have done if I had provided my telephone number.

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