Monday, February 20, 2012

Selinger’s Saloon

This morning, I went out to check out the construction progress of Manitoba’s largest tavern going up on the campus of the University of Manitoba. Though I do not partake in alcoholic beverages, I did want to see this palatial outdoor saloon that every Manitoban, including me, is paying dearly for.

I appreciate Comrade Selinger’s concern for the welfare of the brewery industry, but I wasn’t aware that, despite the troubled economic times around the world, that beer sales had taken any sort of nosedive that necessitated such extreme government intervention to the tune of $200 million to build a place for Manitobans to drink while being loosely entertained by taxpayer-subsidized minor-league football.

Heading south on University Crescent, you can see the roof on the east side towering over the trees even before you get to the golf course.

Looking south from the corner of University Crescent and Sifton Road.

From the looks of it, drunks seated on the east side won’t get any rain or snow in their beer thanks to that covering. You’re welcome.

The west side stands are also taking shape.

The outside façade on the east side.

Looking north from Chancellor Matheson Road.

Looking west from Chancellor Matheson Road.

There you have it: the developing edifice that should be called Selinger’s Saloon. It’s only too bad that it wasn’t built somewhere else like Regina instead of Winnipeg.

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